About Dime

We provide relief and empowerment.

  • Corporate
  • Ben Habeck – CEO / Senior Partner
  • Grant Schmeelk – Senior Partner
  • Matt Martin – General Counsel / Partner
  • Spencer Brasfield – Interim President
  • Kevin Neel – President Dime Payments
  • David Kennedy – Corporate Operations Manager
  • Kristy Habeck – Corporate Accounting Manager
  • Emma Kennedy – Corporate Accountant
  • Ethan Rivers – Office Manager
  • Jordan Gandara – Sales Representative
  • Insurance
  • Audrey Habeck – President
  • Jon Hall – Producer
  • Tax
  • Kristy Lott – Partner Emeritus
  • Brittany Tan – Tax Manager
  • Lisa Graves – Senior Accountant
  • Angela Harben – Senior Accountant
  • Dylan Warren – Accountant
  • Christine Grant – Office Manager
  • Legal
  • Matt Martin – Lawyer
  • David Russell – Lawyer
  • Accounting
  • Kevin Shockley – Controller
  • Ken Tan – Controller
  • Corbin White – Implementations Manager
  • Emma Kennedy – Payroll Manager
  • Julie Smith – Accounting Manager
  • Kristi Miller – Accounting Manager
  • Kara Rae McConville – Accounting Manager
  • Rachel Malone – Accounting Manager
  • Laura Leuthold – Accountant
  • Laura Nealer – Accountant
  • Shelley Reeves – Accountant
  • Debbie Barnes – Accountant
  • Sara Throckmorton – Accountant
  • Sara Morgan – Accountant
  • Colleen Maffett – Accountant
  • Kathleen Spurlin – Accountant
  • Larissa Bodkins – Accountant
  • Allison Lawlor – Accountant
  • Sheri Law – Accountant
  • Kellie Turner – Accountant
  • Deborah Peterman – Accountant
  • Marcie McDermott – Accountant
  • Teresa Tribble – Accountant
  • Megan Miller – Accountant


Let’s be honest. You didn’t go into this line of work because you wanted to deal with the “business” side of business. Most likely, you started your organization because you are great at your craft. Budgets, payroll, taxes, insurance, legal lingo… these probably don’t light your fire, right? So, imagine if you didn’t have to worry about any of that anymore, if you could focus on growing your organization, if you could fall in love again with what you do, and if you could leave the dollar signs and business details to somebody else. Imagine the freedom and life change.


Dime is a comprehensive business services company. We offer you a team of CFOs, accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, real estate brokers, and computer techs who will simplify your life. We pay the bills, record deposits, file your taxes and run your payroll for you. We help you with technology systems, legal services, purchasing real estate, insurance and managing your capital. You name it, we can offer it. We are ready to relieve your business stress, empower you with skills and knowledge, and give you control of how your business impacts your life.


Our core purpose is to build up businesses and the people that run them. Ultimately, we want to set you free—as a pastor, artist, entrepreneur—to do what only you can do. Honestly, our motivations are just a little bit selfish. You see, our lives are better when you can do what you do best – make the music, write the books, love the people, impact the world. We need more of that. We want to do what we’re good at so you can do what you’re good at. It’s a win-win.