Your Legal
Made Simple

We are a law firm that focuses specifically on your day to day legal needs.

From start-up to sale or merger, and everything in-between, we literally become your go-to general legal counsel. We tailor all of our documents, contracts and filings so they are clear, easy to understand and avoid annoying and useless legal jargon.

General Counsel

We provide day-to-day legal assistance for any situation where you say, “Let me ask my lawyer.” This is general counsel. We are your first call whenever there’s a legal concern. Beyond that, we’re proactive in providing protective advice for all of your organization’s regular activity.


Whether you’re a church, non-profit, small business or any other type of organization, we will help you make the right decision on the legal structure and then we’ll actually file the forms to get you setup correctly.

Legal forms and consulting

Whatever else you need, or don’t even know you need, we can handle. Things like employment agreements, annual registrations, contractor agreements, customer contracts, and operating agreements are our specialty.

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of products and services
or just go ahead and...

starting at $650 for single member, and $1,200 for multimember:
  • LLC Entity Filing (includes EIN)
  • LLC Operating Agreement (if multi-member)
  • C-Corp Articles of Incorporation (and EIN)
  • Bylaws
  • S-Corp election, if desired
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Obtain EIN
  • Constitution/Bylaws
  • Church policies and procedures (child protection, facilities use, etc.)
starting at $2,500 (depending on kind of non-profit), plus IRS filing fees.
Starting at $2,500 (plus IRS filing fees of up to $850), in addition to any work necessary to update existing documents for filing.
Prices begin at $200/mo. Once the monthly rate is set, we won’t charge for work over the rate, but we will review hours spent on a rolling 3-month basis and adjust price as necessary. You’ll never be charged for phone calls or emails.
  • Employment issues
  • Contract/lease review/negotiation
  • Contract management (storage, reminders, renewals)
  • Policies/bylaws interpretation and revising
  • Quarterly plan to update/review/revise all corporate documents on an on-going basis
$500 for reviewing all corporate legal documents.
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Operating Agreement
  • Employee documents
  • Independent contracts
  • Verify insurance policies
  • Internal policies
  • Provide goals, priorities, areas for improvement, and estimate of cost for any future work
$100 flat-rate per year, plus state registration fee.